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Important Notice: - Cessation Of Club.....With Immediate Effect As From 12th October 2015Very Brief History: -The club was formed circa 1979 with a membership of approx 14, and met once a month in a council owned room in Sittingbourne. This was not a suitable location, with limited facilities, the club was not able to operate any radio equipment, and the room was expensive to hire.During 1982 they were offered the use of several rooms on the top floor of Nina's restaurant and hotel in Sittingbourne High Street, free of charge, with permission to erect antenna's and install radio gear on a permanent basis.....Quite often 'left-over' food was available, also with no charge. This was the period when amateur radio interest was peaking at unprecedented levels, and CB'ers were taking the RAE in droves. SARC was now meeting once a week with a membership in the region of 30+ Then on Boxing Day 1983, disaster struck, an arson attack gutted Nina's restaurant, all radio gear was destroyed, and it was discovered that the insurance policy did not cover the club for arson attacks. The club had a very difficult time to find premises to accommodate 30+ people, bearing in mind that there were youngsters of both sexes, some were licensed amateurs, but not old enough to enter public houses, it should also be noted that computers and mobile phones were not available, so keeping in touch with members was a nightmare. It took almost a month to find a meeting place, a public house, but by then about 15-members were lost, some had found another club, others had moved out of the area, some had become 'silent keys'. others had lost interest. From then on it was all bad luck, other club premises closed and new places had to be found, this also lost the club more members,After a short few months of meeting at the club venue in what was the Shell research club at Rodmersham, which was not viable. The club chairman at the time,Tony G0PEH, located and booked the Bobbing Village Hall. We moved there in 2005. This suited us much better, a large room to ourselves. Although unable to put in a permanent shack some members brought along rigs and we put up temporary antennas in the grounds. We continued here until the present time with members occasionally bringing radio related items for use and/or comments. But despite all efforts, new members could not be found, and for the past couple of years the club has not been considered viable, with a membership static at 10 but not all could be considered as 'active' and with 4 members over 80, 1 over 70, 3 over can see the problem. As the October AGM approached the Chairman Geoff G7NJB and The Treasurer Bill M0KLK both stated that they would be standing down. This was considered by most members to be the 'final straw'. It was almost certain that no one would volunteer for these vacant committee positions, which proved to be the case. So the Swale Amateur Radio Club was dissolved as per the constitution.Best Wishes to All........Happy Memories...........From the ex-President Mike G4VEC. Any queries please contact me at

May the road rise up to meet you,may the wind be ever at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your faceand the rain fall softly on your fields.And until we meet again,may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.~Irish BlessingGreetings Gentlefolk November 2015I thought to start off with a quote as I always did when writing my usual monthly chairman’s chat whilst wearing that hat. The following is my random thoughts and fact’s on the Swale Amateur Radio Club. At the club AGM in October as no one came forward to take on the Chairman and Treasurers jobs it was decided the club should close.As the last but one chairman carrying out my duties for the club for fifteen years I decided to write to thank all the club members who helped me in so many ways to make it a success. First off the treasurers, that is Steve M0CUT and Bill M0KLK who dealt with our monies and did so diligently with both chaps also acting as activity managers (is that a good description Hi!). Steve of course was the main chap when we did construction evenings with help from Keith G1YTO whose trouble shooting abilities put right those bits that did not work first time. Steve also wrote many articles for the club web site as did Mike G4VEC.Let’s not forget Ian G6DUI who regularly brought along one of his rigs to operate at the club, remember those meetings during the summer when we would be out at the back of the hall stringing up a long wire to put G4SRC on the air. Happy days.Then of course our president who did many things some of which others knew nothing of. For instants the club callsign was down to him and for all those club shields engraved and bought was paid out of his own pocket, he also held the position of RSGB Regional Representative for 3 years. We must of course not forget his club night ‘tin of biscuits’ to have with our hot drink, loved the chocolate ones, thanks Mike.Lastly but not least our good friend Phil G0JBA who for many years up to close of play acted as our club secretary. What a great job he did for us producing the yearly statements and also giving interesting talks on top of that to keep us informed and amused.Oh! I nearly forgot to mention my dear xyl (shame on me) as our web site builder, thanks Marion, doing that job from its start when we decided to have a stake in new communications.That’s it from yours truly so I wish you all a happy and healthy future.Tony, GØPEH.

G6SRC Swale Amateur Radio Club G4SRC